As the premier family entertainment center in Council Bluffs, IA, we have thousands of square feet of wall-to-wall trampolines to jump, flip and bounce forever. Our open court has side by side trampolines manufactured and designed by one the best in its industry, Shock Trampoline. Shock Trampoline has designed the safest trampolines on the market to allow for less injuries. See the video below to learn more!


At The Hub Trampoline Park, safety is our top priority. Therefore, we chose Shock System Trampoline Manufacturer who is a member of the ASTM committee that sets trampoline park safety standards. We regularly train our staff to support a fun and safe indoor playground environment for kids of all ages.


What’s better than throwing some dodgeballs at your buddies?! Hope you are the last one standing in our trampoline dodgeball arena.  Things can get extreme, so be ready to dodge, duck, dip and dive. Form your own team with friends or take part in a dodgeball pick-up game at The Hub Trampoline Park in Council Bluffs. Our trampoline dodgeball court is always open!

Dodgeball players posing and smiling.


Our dunk hoop lanes allow any jumper to fly sky high like a pro! Kids and adults alike can practice their awesome alley-oop, 360 spin dunk or challenge your best buddy to a face-off! These hoops are designed for hours of fun!

Kids playing basketball


Try your best to be the last one standing on our jousting beam! Play king of the hill with friends… we promise, it is harder than it looks.  Being the biggest kid in the line, might not be an advantage on this battling beam. Don’t be afraid to fall, our foam blocks make you feel like you landed on clouds!

Kids in a jousting battle.


Scared of heights?! Have no worries as we offer three different sizes of trick boxes to jump off! You will land on our custom airbag designed and manufactured in Holland and freighted to us across seas. The kids might be more daring than their parents on these boxes as we have seen flips and backward trust falls from kids of all ages!

Jump off of our Trick Boxes!


Soaring above our airbag, kids will feel like the gymnast they always dreamed of.  Every jumper will try to reach their highest-longest point and then fall into the airbag and feel like that landed on a cloud!  This attraction is a fan favorite!

Swing on our Trapeze Bar!


Don’t feel like jumping?! No need to worry, we’ve got you covered. Kick your feet up and relax in one of our massage chairs. It will make your trip to The Hub just as rewarding as those who are jumping.  Whether you’re waiting on someone or supervising in luxury, our massage chairs make the time fly by!


We understand how busy life can get! Our goal is to create an environment where parents can relax and enjoy themselves while the kids wear themselves out in our other attractions. We offer massage chairs and a newly renovated lounge where you can gather with your gal pals and enjoy a beer, wine or seltzer!

We have also stocked our women’s bathroom with a FULL nursing and changing lounge equipped with extra diapers and wipes for those who forgot to grab the diaper bag from the car! We have all been there and done that! 


I loved that there were extra supplies, diapers and wipes in case I didn't have something. I loved the little play area too keep younger siblings busy while nursing. It was all really thoughtfully planned out!
Angie Testimonial
Mom of 4
When you think of The Hub you probably think about the trampoline park, the amazing food at The Grind, or even cheer and tumbling at Central Athletics.... What you probably don’t think about are the tiniest of details that the owners added to make this place the most family friendly place in the area! One of those details is the coloring table, which my 2 1/2 yr old is obsessed with. She often runs to that table instead of the trampolines or her tumbling class! So thankful for that little space and for all The Hub has to offer!
Cait's Testimonial
Mom of 2
As a mom of 5 kids, it’s always difficult to keep track of them, unless you are right there with them. The Hub has made it so easy and convenient to watch our kids jump! With multiple camera angles, along with so many TVs, we are able to sit back and relax while watching them jump on the tv!
Andrea Testimonial
Mom of 5

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