How to Play Wonderbowl

How to Play Wonderbowl

To me when I heard of Wonderbowl I was curious as to what this is. It is just bowling but wait is not JUST BOWLING. It is bowling on a much smaller scale. Wonderbowl includes all the things we know and love about bowling, brought in a new way that is so much fun for friends and families to do together. I am so excited we will get to have Wonderbowl soon in Council Bluffs at The Hub.

How to Play Wonderbowl

Once you show up to Wonderbowl you will get assigned a lane for you and your group. The maximum number of people allowed to play on a lane is six. The lanes look just like they do at a bowling alley with wood, gutters, and pins that run on a machine and set themselves. Overhead you will see that there is a scoreboard and the scoring is just like in typical bowling.

Wonderbowl vs Bowling

The balls for Wonderbowl are much smaller and they do not have holes. You do not have to walk around looking for the perfect ball that you can lift and that will fit your fingers without getting stuck. The balls are waiting for you at each alley. You do not have to go rent shoes that EVERYONE has worn for years you get to wear your own which makes it much more comfortable!

When it comes your time to start the game you will pick up the ball, pick your spot on the lane to stand, and roll it down towards the pins. Finding your spot on the alley will be different for every person. Just as when you are bowling and you line up with the arrows you find what works best for your throw. To me, it is very similar to rolling a ball for Ski Ball, however, the goal is to knock all the pins down to get a STRIKE! If you don’t happen to get it done in one roll you do have a second chance. There is some skill involved that takes some practice but it is so much fun to keep trying to get it right.

Once you have completed your turn the ball will return to you and then the next person gets their turn. You will all take turns until you get through ten frames and the game is complete.

With Wonderbowl you can use bumpers and if you need to use them they will be set on your lane and will remain there for the whole game. What a good way to practice with the kids until everyone gets comfortable with the feel of the ball and the feel of the lanes.

Three strikes is still a turkey – gobble-gobble. Bowl a perfect game? That is still a 300, but rumor has it that has yet to be accomplished in Wonderbowl. Could you be the first?

Wonderbowl in Council Bluffs, IA at The Hub

Bringing Wonderbowl to The Hub in Council Bluffs, IA is so exciting! I grew up going to the bowling alleys around town with my family even taking my kids when they were little. I miss hearing the sounds of the ball rolling down the alley and the ball crashing into the pins. It all takes me back to growing up and spending time with my grandparents and dad who are now all gone. I will get to create new memories with my kids and grandson with Wonderbowl.

Whether it be with your friends your family a work outing or date night, Wonderbowl will soon be on your list of things you will be excited to go do. There is no one is too old or too young to play. The energy level is high and the cheers are loud. It is just a fun time and to have something like that so close to home will lead to more reasons to get your group together!

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