How to Choose a Summer Camp for Your Kids

How to Choose a Summer Camp for Your Kids

When school is out, it is important to maintain routines. Change for kids can be challenging and trying to find activities to keep them busy for the entire summer will keep us parents up at night while we don’t get that beloved summer vacation. Finding activities that get them out of the house is even better. Many places will offer summer day camps, such as The Hub Trampoline Park in Council Bluffs, IA which offers the Hub Summer Fun Club. When choosing a summer camp for your kids, considering these 10 qualities to help find a program that will benefit you and your child.

How to Choose a Summer Camp for Your Kids – 10 Qualities to Consider

1. Kids Never Want to be Bored

Finding a program with variety and adding new adventures for the kids is key to keeping them interested.  The Hub delivers multiple activities that engage the kids and they continue to be excited throughout the summer.

2. Qualifications and Training

Qualifications and training in child development and child care are essential in relating to your children. We don’t want just anyone looking after them. The Hub’s child care specialist is experienced in child development and studying to be a teacher.

3. Children Need Routines

We as parents need routine also. During the day at The Hub Summer Fun Club, the kids keep a schedule of activities, snacks, games, movies, and downtime, where they will have time to catch up on their phones as they put them away for most of their day. We parents don’t want them just hanging out all day losing time. Structure is key to functioning well.

4. Safety First

Safety is the most important thing when trusting your kids to someone else. Be sure the summer camp has safety procedures and regulations they follow in keeping the campers safe.

5. Communicate

Communication with the camp while your child is attending is crucial. From an emergency to a late morning drop-off, being able to communicate with your camp will keep things smooth. The Hub has a Facebook page just for the parents of campers; so updates, pictures or important messages can be shared instantly.

6. Socialization

Social interaction is another great quality we want our kids to succeed in. We want our kids involved and making friends. Not only does this help develop their skills, it makes them feel comfortable and accepted.

7. Budget

Of course, we can’t do anything if it isn’t within our budget. We also feel guilty when we can’t send our kids to do fun summer activities. Finding an affordable summer camp is what we need. Most of us have more than one kid when considering a budget. The Hub keeps its costs low, so families can afford to attend. There is even a discount when you sign up for every week in the summer.

8. Physical Exercise

Most days our kids don’t get the recommended physical exercise. Not all summer camps provide healthy physical activity. The hub has no shortage in this department. The entire facility is geared for their physical health. When they are not active, campers have their own area for eating, downtime, and activities.

9. Positive Energy and Influences

Positive energy and influence are a standard we continue for our kids. Developing kids will absorb what they are exposed to. Knowing your child is in a positive atmosphere that encourages their growth and ethics is a necessity. The Hub represents family and playtime. Kids get to be kids.

10. Kids Need to Be Happy

Last but not least your kid needs to be happy! Besides development in their growth and skills, we want them to enjoy their surroundings away from home, encouraging easy drop-offs and happy pickups as well. The Hub is such a fun place where the kids get plenty of attention.

The Hub Summer Kids Camp

I’m a protective parent who wants to provide my kids with every opportunity I can afford. The Hub is affordable with the structured routine kids need throughout their day. Fun is always the theme, though each week is full of different activities and adventures. A safe, wholesome, family environment encourages positive growth and development. All the physical activity allows them a mellow evening and a good night’s rest. Kids get to be kids at The Hub.

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For any questions or concerns, you can email the hub at hubsummerfunclub@gmail.com or call the hub at 712-310-2090.

The Hub Summer Fun Club

The Hub | Axe Throwing & Trampoline Park | Council Bluffs, IA

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