Socialization in Trampoline Parks

Making friends outside of school these days can be extremely hard. However, it doesn’t have to be! Let’s bring back the days when people and families used to have conversations inside businesses or anywhere else they saw each other. Today, social media is king, however, there are certain places that create a great outlet for people to talk and get to know one another! For example, trampoline parks! In this article, we take a look at socialization in trampoline parks.

Socialization in Trampoline Parks


Oftentimes, adults bring their children to trampoline parks to blow off some steam. However, the adults often end up sitting on the side while their children are having fun. All it takes is one good look around and you will see all of the phones and distractions from what is sitting two feet away from you! Get rid of distractions and make some friends! Enjoy some quality time with your fellow thrill seeker and you will find that you have so much in common! After all, you are both in the same place for the same reason!

Trampoline Park - Kids


Trampoline parks are the perfect place for your kids to make new friends. When they get on those trampolines often they will be interacting with other kids and learning socialization skills. Whether it be bouncing with them, or playing a friendly game of tag you can guarantee that the children at trampoline parks will make at least one new friend. The goal of many trampoline parks is to get rid of strangers and turn them into neighbors.

Trampoline Park


Not only do trampoline parks offer endless opportunities for your child to bounce around and make friends, but they also have a great competitive atmosphere. Some things you will see at every trampoline park are basketball and dodgeball. Think of any sports or activities you may have competed in as a child. The spirit of competition does something to people that just naturally brings them together. Dodgeball and basketball have the same effect at a trampoline park!

Trampoline Park Dodgeball

Family Friendly Atmosphere

With more and more entertainment options pulling teens and young adults in many directions, it can be really hard to find somewhere that offers a friendly environment for kids that are 10 and under to enjoy. Luckily, trampoline parks’ main clientele is that exact age group! This gives them the perfect opportunity to socialize with kids their age while also getting all of the health benefits that a trampoline park offers.

Trampoline Park - Toddler

Activities at The Hub Trampoline Park

Trampoline Parks are a great place for parents and their kids to bond, learn socialization skills, and stay warm during the winter months – plus, there are activities for kids of all ages! Once you walk through the doors of The Hub Trampoline Park, the atmosphere is nothing but positive energy. With so many fun activities to enjoy, there is no way you will leave disappointed!

The Hub trampoline park attractions include:

  • Open jump
  • Dunk hoops
  • Dodgeball arena
  • Launch lanes – trick boxes into a giant airbag
  • Jousting pit
  • 8 ninja warrior obstacle course lanes
  • 3 warped American Ninja Warrior-style walls
  • Toddler 2-level ninja warrior course
  • Toddler trampoline area.
  • Axe Throwing (ages 12 and up) – Our newest attraction

The Hub Trampoline Park also offers a variety of delicious food and beverages. This includes pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets, ice cream, adult beverages, concession foods, and SO MUCH MORE! If you’re looking for family fun, look no further! We also host birthday parties and have a lounge area with a TV wall and comfortable patio furniture!

The Hub | Axe Throwing & Trampoline Park | Council Bluffs, IA

With so many benefits while visiting our indoor trampoline park with your friends and family, there is no excuse not to join your children in all the fun. The Hub Trampoline Park offers a large open jump area, dodgeball, dunk hoops, airbag, toddler jump area, ninja warrior courses, and even axe throwing… there is an activity for each member of the family to enjoy!

The Hub is the one and only family entertainment center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The Hub’s mission is to provide a high-quality, safe, welcoming, and fun facility for the entire family to enjoy! If you are looking for family entertainment, or an all-star cheer facility, then you have come to the right spot! Come join our Hub community!

The Hub Council Bluffs Trampoline Park welcomes kids of all ages to enjoy our many attractions, including the ninja warrior courses, dunk hoops, airbags, a jousting beam, axe throwing, and much more! Contact The Hub today, or book a jump time here!

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