Back to School Tips for a Great Year

Back to School Tips for a Great Year

Have one last Summer adventure the week before school starts! Of course, we would tell you to come and see us at The Hub Trampoline Park. Our axe-throwing and trampoline park facility in Council Bluffs is the perfect place to celebrate summer coming to a close. Be sure to jump on our social media pages and check out The Hub deals and coupons offered during the weekdays. Before heading back to school, let your child burn off some extra energy in our trampoline park, or climb through our ninja warrior course. They won’t want to miss out on scaling one of our three warped ninja warrior wall climbs either. Finish off your visit with a dish of hard served ice cream or fresh made pizza. If you have kids 12 and older you can even spend time at our newest attraction, The Hub Axe Throwing. Axe throwing is a fun activity for the whole group…. And better yet, anyone can do it!

Back to School Tips for a Great Year

back to school

Back to School Night

Get online and find your schools’ back-to-school night. This is a great event and perfect way for you and your child to visit their school for the first time or revisit their school and get acquainted in a new classroom. Allowing your child to see teachers and peers will also get them excited to return to school. Plus, when your child can meet their teacher ahead of time it reduces the anxiety they may be feeling.

Always remember that parents can request special meetings with school counselors, IEP programs and other school staff prior to school starting. Back-to-school night is also a good opportunity for you to drop off school supplies to their classroom and help your child organize their desks or locker. Helping them means there is one less thing that your child will have to worry about on their first day of school.

sleep schedule

Get Back on a Schedule

The most important schedule is your child’s sleep schedule. Sleep is essential to every child, and late summer nights can make it hard to get kids back on a healthy sleep schedule. Did you know that kids ages three to five need 10-13 hours of sleep, kids ages 6 to 12 need 9 to 12 hours of sleep and teenagers ages 13 to 18 need 8 to 10 hours of sleep?!

The national average school start time is around 8am. If your child has to be up by 7am to get ready, do the math and choose an appropriate bedtime. Adequate sleep will improve attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health!

family schedule

Display a Family Calendar in an Area Where Everyone Can See It

Your kitchen is a perfect gathering space. Hanging the printed family calendar on your fridge is a great option. Writing everyone’s practices and after school activities on one calendar will help keep everyone in your house on the same page. You can even put your own evening events on the calendar so that your child knows where you are. You also need to discuss your child’s overall daily schedule with them.

What does drop off and pick up look like? Will there be downtime that your child will need to check in with you between? Most sports also start to pick up in the fall, so going over games and practice schedules will help your child know their own schedule.

Color coding a specific color for each child is a great visual for younger children. Marking an “X” through a day once the day is complete will also help those younger kiddos know what day of the week it is.

ditch the technology

Ditch the Technology

Every parent knows that this seems like an impossible task. However, at least try to minimize your children’s technology usage, especially in the evenings. Start to create a balanced screen time schedule as this will also help your child with their focus and not get overstimulated. This is also a great time for parents to look at setting some restrictions on their child’s phone through the downtime settings as well as setting time limits.

Lastly, update your child’s apps. Look for educational apps that you can download on your children’s devices. There are a number of spelling, math, and reading apps that are free and can be extremely helpful to kids. Balance is key with any kind of electronics. Try to find a healthy balance for your child!

school shopping

Go School Supply Shopping and Involve Your Kids

Some parents are smart enough to sign up for the supply box that their school offers, while others might be a little behind the 8-ball. Supply boxes are a convenient option for all supplies to be picked out for your child. Generally, the school will provide a list to a third-party company ahead of time to gather the supplies. However, like anything online, there’s a deadline for ordering. If you missed the deadline, then you will be headed to the dreaded school supply section at Walmart or Target.

Involve your child in shopping for the items on the list. As much of a pain as that might be, it will help your child get excited for the school year. Having to decide on what kitten notebook or superhero folder allows your child to show off their likes, interests, and personality. Be creative with your back-to-school shopping trip. You would be surprised to find out that Dollar stores, Office Max and Walgreens keep a good variety of items on your school supply list. At these places, you can usually save a dollar or two as well!

The Hub | Axe Throwing & Trampoline Park | Council Bluffs, IA

With so many benefits while visiting our indoor trampoline park with your friends and family, there is no excuse not to join your children in all the fun. The Hub Trampoline Park offers a large open jump area, dodgeball, dunk hoops, airbag, toddler jump area, ninja warrior courses, and even axe throwing… there is an activity for each member of the family to enjoy!

The Hub is the one and only family entertainment center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The Hub’s mission is to provide a high-quality, safe, welcoming, and fun facility for the entire family to enjoy! If you are looking for family entertainment, or an all-star cheer facility, then you have come to the right spot! Come join our Hub community!

The Hub Council Bluffs Trampoline Park welcomes kids of all ages to enjoy our many attractions, including the ninja warrior courses, dunk hoops, airbags, a jousting beam, axe throwing, and much more! Contact The Hub today, or book a jump time here!

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