Why Kids love trampoline parks

Ever Wondered Why Kids Like Trampoline Parks So Much?

Kids go crazy for trampoline parks! It is hard not to walk into a trampoline park and automatically smile at the kids who are jumping, doing tricks, and screaming with laughter. Watching the toddlers bop around, kids doing flips for days, and intense dodgeball games are just a few of the things you will notice as you walk into the trampoline park attractions at The Hub.

Ever Wondered Why Kids Like Trampoline Parks So Much?

Kids’ Energy Goes Through The Roof

Children are like literal balls of energy, they do not rest nor tire easily. Most parents know that even when kids get tired, they can push through and keep going until they are about to pass out. Physiologically, it is simple. Kids get more oxygen, so they have more energy. Their little bodies breathe more easily and release the stress and tension that they need to. With less stress, they have more energy.

This is why The Hub Trampoline Park is the perfect spot for kids of all ages to get their energy out. Your toddler will have hours of fun in our toddler ninja warrior soft play course and our toddler trampoline park. The older kids have tons of attractions in our main trampoline course including a ninja warrior course, warped walls, and Axe Throwing.

Kids Love To Compete

Children love recess for the games that are played and the challenges that are won. A trampoline park is no different. If a child sees a peer do a cool trick, you know they are going to try to also do just as cool of a trick. How many times will you hear a child say “watch this!” Our court monitors will tell you that they are asked hundreds of times to watch tricks throughout their shift.

We also encourage our court monitors to engage with our jumpers, giving high fives and words of encouragement. The dodgeball court is where the extreme competition happens and don’t be fooled if you think that is only for kids.

Yep, adults will join in the fun in our dodgeball kid-friendly games and also in our weekend tournaments. A little healthy competition inspires kids to do their best.

Kids Need Independence

In a trampoline park, it is pretty hard for helicopter parents to hover over their children. Kids get to feel free to go at it alone and gain a huge sense of self-confidence from successfully bouncing as well as tackling obstacles without anyone’s help.

Jumping also increases motor skills and brain function bilaterally. In order to practice this, it is best to jump on a trampoline. At The Hub, you can jump in our trampoline park, ninja warrior course, or big air bag platform. All of which allows for children to feel independent while visiting The Hub Trampoline Park in Council Bluffs.

Kids Can Let Go

How many times in a day do parents say “no” to their kids? How many times in a day do parents ask their kids to “sit still”? Kids can be tasked with a lot throughout the day, mostly for their safety as parents are worried that they might hurt themselves.

At The Hub Trampoline Park, our attractions are built around safety. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that all precautions were taken from the design process to finish. Kids love the sense of freedom at a trampoline park and that they can go crazy running around, screaming, and laughing. The Hub is full of kids and families smiling ear to ear and enjoying their time together!

Come check out The Hub Trampoline Park’s attractions including open jump, dunk hoops, dodgeball, trapeze bar, trick boxes, launch lanes, and a jousting beam. Our Ninja Warrior Course features eight lanes of obstacles and three warped walls. Lastly, parents rave about our toddler attractions. Our toddler attractions include a two-story soft play ninja warrior course, giant foam pit and toddler trampoline areas. We “glow crazy” every Wednesday and Friday night with neon lights, making it the perfect day for a night out.

The Hub | Axe Throwing & Trampoline Park | Council Bluffs, IA

With so many benefits while visiting our indoor trampoline park with your friends and family, there is no excuse not to join your children in all the fun. The Hub Trampoline Park offers a large open jump area, dodgeball, dunk hoops, airbag, toddler jump area, ninja warrior courses, and even axe throwing… there is an activity for each member of the family to enjoy!

The Hub is the one and only family entertainment center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The Hub’s mission is to provide a high-quality, safe, welcoming, and fun facility for the entire family to enjoy! If you are looking for family entertainment, or an all-star cheer facility, then you have come to the right spot! Come join our Hub community!

The Hub Council Bluffs Trampoline Park welcomes kids of all ages to enjoy our many attractions, including the ninja warrior courses, dunk hoops, airbags, a jousting beam, axe throwing, and much more! Contact The Hub today, or book a jump time here!

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