6 Benefits of Obstacle Courses for Kids

6 Benefits of Obstacle Courses for Kids

Obstacle courses give children the chance to test out their skills in an exciting way that they’ll be clamoring to do it over and over again. Children will use problem-solving methods to figure out what did (and didn’t) work out in each obstacle. Studies show that children are already spending too many hours on screen time and getting constant stimulation. They need to be challenged to focus their attention on movement obstacles and challenges. An easy way for parents to encourage this movement is through FUN. Fun is a guiding factor in every attraction at The Hub Trampoline Park and Ninja Warrior Course located near Omaha in Council Bluffs!

6 Benefits of Obstacle Courses for Kids

Strength And Balance

An obstacle course will put your child’s balance and strength to the test in different ways. They will get a full-body workout attempting to master our obstacle lanes. Heart rates will rise and sweaty children climbing, and jumping is a normal sight to see happening at The Hub Trampoline Park and Ninja Warrior Course. We also have lanes for the younger athletes who are just getting familiar with their own strengths.

The next step up is for those tweens who somehow have superhuman strength and can scale a wall out of nowhere. Again, having to concentrate on their balance and finding their own strength will determine just how many lanes they can successfully complete. Lastly, our wobbly balance beam will put everyone to the test as they try not to fall and successfully make it to the landing area (good thing we have an airbag for safe falling).

Body Awareness

Do you ever watch a child run as fast as they can and the whole time you think they are just going to fall? Even the fiercest child will stumble and fall because they do not have their body awareness yet. With each mishap, their body awareness becomes more prevalent and allows the child to be more aware of the danger or putting themselves into a position where they could get hurt.

The Hub Trampoline Park offers soft landing pads similar to an airbag or padded flooring. This creates the perfect time for these daredevils to attempt to master obstacles without getting hurt and finding their body awareness.


Navigating obstructions in an obstacle course requires a little bit of skill but A LOT of coordination. From crawling under, jumping over, and maneuvering their way around them, children will move certain body parts at certain times. Through failure, your children will figure out how to be more coordinated with each movement in order to master the obstacles.

Self Esteem Builder

Overcoming physical obstacles can build resilience that translates into the course of life. When children overcome an obstacle, their brain will create a high from that accomplishment and store that feeling in the body. When your kids are faced with a hard situation in life, they can look back on how well they did on the obstacles. They will then have that same confidence when facing their own life obstacles because they believe in themselves.

When a child approaches an obstacle, they come up with a plan and then figure out how to execute the plan. When the plan is successful, this in return gives the child confidence to problem solve on their own.

Socializing With Peers

On obstacles at The Hub, it is not uncommon for multiple people to be on the course at one time. Children will have to learn to productively work together so one of them can reach the end of each lane. If two children attempt a lane at the same time, they will more than likely fail. The children will have to use their words to be social with one another in order to master each obstacle lane.

Help Problem-Solving

Each obstacle lane creates a problem and through the eyes of a child, they get to find a way through it. This enables each individual child to develop a plan and then execute the plan. If the plan fails the first few times, they adjust the plan until they are successful with each lane of obstacles. The Hub Trampoline Park offers eight different lanes with different obstacle course challenges. We also have easier lanes which are perfect for the younger visitors.

If you are wanting to challenge your child, teen, or inner child with an amazing obstacle course, then The Hub Trampoline Park is for you. Our obstacle course features rope walls, zipline, grip walls, balance beams, cheese walls, and much more. Also near our obstacle course are three warped walls which you might have seen before on the hit TV show America’s Ninja Warrior. Who will conquer our 10-foot wall?

The Hub | Axe Throwing, Trampoline Park, Ninja Warrior Course | Council Bluffs, IA

With so many benefits while visiting our indoor trampoline park with your friends and family, there is no excuse not to join your children in all the fun. The Hub Trampoline Park offers a large open jump area, dodgeball, dunk hoops, airbag, toddler jump area, ninja warrior courses, and even axe throwing… there is an activity for each member of the family to enjoy!

The Hub is the one and only family entertainment center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The Hub’s mission is to provide a high-quality, safe, welcoming, and fun facility for the entire family to enjoy! If you are looking for family entertainment center, or an all-star cheer facility, then you have come to the right spot! Come join our Hub community!

The Hub Council Bluffs Trampoline Park welcomes kids of all ages to enjoy our many attractions, including the ninja warrior courses, dunk hoops, airbags, a jousting beam, axe throwing, and much more! Contact The Hub today, or book a jump time here!

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