Fun Facts About Trampolines

7 Fun Facts About Trampolines

Did you know that the idea of trampolines started right here in Iowa? Here are seven fun facts about trampolines you probably didn’t know!

7 Fun Facts About Trampolines

1. Who Invented the Trampoline?

George Nissen, an American gymnast, was the person who invented the trampoline. In the 1930s, Nissen and his gymnastics coach combined scrap steel and the inner tubes of a tire to create a piece of equipment he would then go on to use for his act in the Iowa Circus. George wanted to use his creation, the bouncing rig, to have the ability to leap into a backward somersault.

2. Kangaroo + Trampoline

To market and promote his creation, George Nissen got the help of a kangaroo. Nissen and his coach set up a trampoline in Central Park in New York City and brought the kangaroo along as part of a demonstration. Nissen placed the kangaroo on one end of the trampoline, and he jumped on the other end. The point was to show the crowd that Nissen can make the kangaroo hop while himself hopping on the opposing end.

3. Jumping on a Trampoline is Great Excercise

According to a NASA study, going on a 30-minute jog and jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes will allow you to burn the same amount of calories. An added benefit is that the time spent trampolining does not put any added stress on your ligaments or joints. A fun fact within a fun fact, NASA once used trampolines to train astronauts. Apparently, trampolines can mimic the constant bouncing on zero-gravity flights.

4. Trampoline Backflip Record

The world record for most trampoline backflips in a single minute is 49. Lucas Laurent set the record in 2017 by completing almost one backflip/second.

5. Bill Gates Has a Trampoline Room In His House

The trampoline room in Bill Gates house is part of his 2,500 square foot exercise facility. His exercise facility also includes a sauna, a steam room, and two locker rooms. Although no one knows what kind of trampoline he uses, as a man of taste he probably likes the same model of trampolines that we do!

6. Trampolines Help Improve Motor Skills

One of the reasons why jumping on a trampoline is such an effective exercise is because every body part is in use. As a result, trampolining can help give motor skills a huge boost. Jumping on a trampoline is especially helpful in children with developing skills. Trampolines are also hugely effective in physical therapy treatment, muscle development, bone strengthening, and joint reinforcement.

7. Trampolining is an Olympic Sport

Yes, trampolining is an Olympic sport. The Olympics has a separate category for trampoline competitions where athletes and gymnasts perform various acrobatics. Trampolining also has its own championship games such as the World Trampoline Championship, European Championship, etc., held by International Trampoline Federation.

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